6 Fascinating Facts on South African Gambling

After years of growth among online casinos and poker sites, the South Africa gambling industry was forecast to be worth R34 billion in 2020. According to the National Gambling Board, the market had already surpassed R30 billion in gross gambling revenue in 2019. Here are 6 South African gambling statistics that will surprise you.

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1. Casinos Have the Highest Market Share

For the 2018/19 financial year, the National Gambling Board for South Africa reported that casinos held the highest market share by gross gambling revenue. By generating 60.5% of all revenue in the market, this placed casinos ahead of sports betting on 23.5%, LPM on 10.9%, and bingo on 5.1%. To clarify, casinos generated R18.632 billion in 2018/19.

2. Gauteng the Most Active Province

The National Gambling Board has also revealed that Gauteng is the most active province, having accounted for R12.630 billion in gross gambling revenue and a 41.0% market share for 2018/19. Comparatively, KZN was worth R5.417 billion (17.6%) and Western Cape was worth R5.295 billion (17.2%), with no other provinces coming close to those levels.

3. Millions in Lost Revenue

With no licensing structure in place from the government, this contributed to R140 million worth of revenue being lost via illegal gambling in 2016. Moving forward, the government can stand a chance of driving that figure down by implementing a clear system for operators to secure licences and pay their taxes correctly.

4. Gambling Licences on the Horizon

An update to the National Gambling Amendment Bill is set to majorly change the South African marketplace moving forward. The fresh changes to the bill will enable the government to act as a regulated authority and award licences that will permit online gambling brands to operate within the country. This is a model currently utilised in the UK, Spain, Italy, and other European countries and could give the government greater control over the marketplace.

5. Poker Still to Boom

Although casino sites have led the way in the market, the appetite for gaming in South Africa suggests that online poker could still see a surge in activity. When the time comes, you can be ready to defeat the new players by improving your poker skills with these strategy guides. The options include Sit’n Go Strategy, How to Deal with Fish, and Countering the Raise on Fourth Street.

6. South Africa Has Potential for Gambling Tourism

When travel restrictions can be relaxed, South Africa has the potential to become an enticing destination for gambling holidays. Since curbing gambling restrictions in the mid-1990s, more than 40 land-based casinos have been opened in the country. Many of those casinos are situated in luxury resorts that can aim to target the millions of tourists who visit the country in a typical year.