Alpha Brain - Nootropics and Poker

Nootropics is the term used to describe smart drugs that act as cognitive enhancers, thus improving mental functions, such as memory, intelligence, and attention.

Each year, during the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the halls of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino are aligned with stalls selling anything and everything poker. This year, a new stall emerged called Alpha Brain, and it has caused quite a stir.

Any professional sportsman needs to look after their muscles, and if you are a poker player you need to look after your mind, as fans on Betfair will no doubt be aware.

The long 10hrs+ shifts at the poker table can introduce tiredness, memory loss, and a lack of attentiveness, and this is where Alpha Brain works as a product.

It is a form of Nootropic that is designed to improve your mental faculty at the poker table, and it is being used, and endorsed, by players of the ilk of Sorel Mizzi.

Since finding Alpha Brain a few months prior to the WSOP, Mizzi has added them into his daily schedule of diet, vitamins, and exercise.

He believes that the pills, which he received on a money back guarantee, have helped his game in very subtle ways.

He believes that his attention and focus has improved, as well as the added side effect of remembering all of his dreams very vividly.

The introduction of Alpha Brain opens the gateway for more and more performance enhancement companies to enter the poker market, which begs the next question of when will poker will introduce regulation into what is surely now a mind sport.

Regular poker players often hone their skills in online card rooms.