Countering the Raise on Fourth Street

One of the greatest attractions of No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) is that there are so many ways to win a pot. But even the very best players get lazy, and if you are on top of your game, it can be quite easy to profit. 

When involved in online Poker Cash Games, players have a tendency to revert to type. 

An excellent cash game player is going to create lines that suit individual players, when he or she is playing a few tables. Increase the volume of tables and these lines are going to start to be less specific and more generic.

In other words, players will use lines that have been profitable to them in the past, irrespective of opponent type.

One such generic line involved a player holding position in a hand, checking back the flop and then raising a turn lead. This is such a difficult play to counter because not only are you out of position, but you are very rarely holding anything that enables you to continue in the hand.

So, what are your options for counter?

Three Betting: Three betting is an option, especially as your opponent will be making this play with air a large percentage of the time. But, by three betting, you are inflating the pot, out of position with still fifth-street to play. A good default line would be to three-bet with your very strong draws.

Weak One Pair Hands: Try checking your weak one-pair hands and, if your opponent also checks, then lead the river.

Strong Hands: With your strong hands, you can often lead and then call his raise before check calling or check-shoving the river.

Last Updated 1 August 2017
Countering the raise on Fourth Street