Three - Betting Stats

When you are playing live poker in a brick and mortar card room, you have to rely on your memory when trying to understand how often somebody is three-betting you, but when you are playing online, it is a whole different ball game.

In the online realm, tracking software exists that will be able to tell you the exact percentage of time an opponent is three betting you. However, that is not the half of it, because the software can even tell you how often he or she has been three betting by position.

So, the online tables, are better arenas to play poker, if statistical advantage is your thing.

Just a few words of caution though; if you are playing heads-up online, and use tracking software, then your opponent’s statistics are in direct relation to how he or she is playing against you at that particular moment.

But in a six-max or full ring game, there are too many variables that can give you a misleading figure, the obvious one being tilt.

He or she could have just recently lost a pot and has started to ramp up their aggression to win some money back. If you have several thousand hands of statistics on this player, you are not going to notice this nuance.

The best advice is to use the statistics to formulate a larger representation of his or her game. Use them to work out if they are a loose three-better or tight three-bettor, and then just pay attention like you would do in the brick and mortar card room.

Last Updated 22 May 2014
Three-Betting Stats