How to Win an Online Video Poker Jackpot

When you go online to play at your favourite Internet gaining destination of choice, how much consideration do you give to pursuing a progressive jackpot? This matter should be considered in some detail, as there are a large number of players who fail to do so.

Why is this such a tragedy? Because when properly understood, the progressive jackpot can create a wealth of opportunities that the standard form of jackpots simply do not offer.

And since the general mode of play which you employ (be it with video poker or slots) remains essentially the same whether or not a progressive jackpot is involved, it really does not make any sense to eschew this variation when considering the huge amounts of money that can thus be won.

To ensure you do not become part of the sad population limiting themselves in this regard, let's look at exactly how to go about the process of winning a jackpot on an online video poker machine.

Odds or Even?

The first misapprehension that many novice gamblers hold regarding this topic is that the odds offered are dramatically different from standard jackpot variations. While certain differences do apply, the truth of the matter is that the odds are similar in both formats.

The only substantive difference is that in the progressive form, multiple gaming machines are linked to just one jackpot, so that the value of the payout increases by a small amount each time a bet is placed.

Thus, all players are competing for the same payout, and coughing up more cash with each bet to drive up its value even further.

Are You Eligible?

The next issue that must be addressed regarding an online jackpot is eligibility. The vast majority of Internet-based casinos at which you are likely to play will require that you purchase a predetermined credit level in order to be eligible for the online jackpot, some will even offer no deposit bonuses to help you along and stretch your bank roll a bit..

This is something of a double-edged sword, for although you will be making a larger financial outlay, the size of the progressive jackpot will accelerate in value at a faster rate. (As the old saying goes, ya gotta spend money to make money.)

Since the potential winnings you stand to gain can become astronomical in a relatively short period, it's ridiculous not to play with sufficient credit in order to be eligible for the jackpot. All you would be doing is adding more money with each bet, which someone else to take!

Run The Numbers

The trick then is to spot different video poker rules and potential jackpot values, and balance that against how much you can honestly afford to wager. Imagine that one game demands 20 credits to be eligible, while another requires 10.

Deciding that 20 credits are too much to gamble with, you might play the cheaper game. However, by doing so, you will remove yourself from eligible status. What is the end result?

No matter how lucky you get, even if Lady Luck herself should waltz up and sit on your lap, you will never be able to claim that progressive jackpot. Meanwhile, you will have made a lot of cheap bets with no chance of a huge return. Stupid, right? Don't do it!